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Tick bite identification in South Carolina, North Carolina, & Georgia

A tick bite is usually associated with a female tick that has burrowed into your skin but it can also quickly bite and release leaving behind a small red bump that looks like the bite of many insects. While most ticks will just leave behind a small itchy bump, ticks can also transmit serious diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you have contracted these diseases, it is important to know the beginning signs of infection as early intervention is essential for treatment.

What Do Tick Bites Look Like?

Most people will not notice they have been bitten by a tick right away. When they bite, a tick will inject an anesthetic into the skin so their bites are generally painless. Male ticks will bite and let go whereas females may burrow their heads into your skin and require removal. A tick bite usually presents itself like many other insect bites, with a small, red bump that may be itchy. They do not usually cause alarm unless you have been bitten by a tick that is carrying a disease like Lyme disease. If you have been bitten by a tick and are exhibiting the following signs and symptoms it is extremely important to seek medical attention immediately.

  • Red bullseye around the bite.
  • A rash around the bite or other areas of the body.
  • The bite area is warm to the touch.
  • Fever.
  • Body aches.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Lethargy.


How to Remove a Tick

If you have been bitten by a female tick that has burrowed into your skin it is important to remove the tick as soon as possible. There are many different ways people have to remove a tick but the best and easiest way to remove it is:

  • Clean the area around the tick.
  • Grab the head of the tick as close to the skin as possible with a pair of pointed tweezers.
  • Slowly and firmly pull the tick out.
  • If any parts remain, try to remove them with the tweezers. If you cannot remove it completely, leave it there and let the skin heal.
  • Clean the wound with soap and water or alcohol.
  • Dispose of the tick by flushing it down the toilet or wrapping it in tape and throwing it away.

Preventing Ticks

From burrowing into your skin to transmitting diseases, ticks can be a dangerous pest. To keep ticks away, always use a tick repellent in areas where ticks are common such as tall grasses and brush, wear protective clothing and check clothing for ticks. If you have ticks around your yard, it is important to use a trusted exterminator to eradicate them before they are able to bite your family or pets. The technicians at Rocket Pest have the experience and knowledge to eliminate almost any type of pest from your yard and keep them away for good. Contact us today for a free pest extermination quote!

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Tick bite identification in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

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