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Pre-Construction Termite Prevention in South Carolina, North Carolina, & Georgia

The last thing you want to deal with in a brand-new home is termites. Termite infestation can create extremely costly repairs for homeowners and damage their beautiful new homes. One of the best ways to prevent termite infestations is to take preventative measures as you build your new home. Talking to a builder about using preventative measures before and as you build can help prevent infestations and a lot of frustration in the future.

Using Preventative Treatments Before You Build

Termite infestations are known to cost homeowners billions each year in treatments and repairs. When building a new home, it is important to begin the process of termite prevention before you even pour the foundation. There are a few things a builder can do throughout the homebuilding process that will help ensure your new home will not be susceptible to a termite infestation. Here are some actions builders can do to help reduce termite issues:


  • Soil treatment: In areas where subterranean termites are common, builders can have soil treatments applied before pouring the foundation to keep termites away and ensure they are not building over existing colonies
  • Using Barriers: Installing mental or mesh barriers around the foundation and openings of your home will make it hard for termites to enter.
  • Wood treatments: Using a treatment on the studs of your home before they are encased in the walls will deter termites from eating away at important structural pieces of wood.
  • Installing a baiting system: Baiting systems contain a termiticide that can be buried around the exterior of a house and will help eliminate colonies before they can enter and do damage to your new home. An exterminator can also monitor these systems to know if termite activity is in your vicinity.


Building Techniques to Keep Termites Away

In addition to using treatments to keep termites away, builders should follow the following practices that will help make your home as unattractive to termites as possible. Building techniques that can help deter termites include the following scenarios:


  • Use a concrete foundation and keep siding at least 6 inches off the ground.
  • If wood must touch the ground, use wood treated for termites.
  • Do not bury wood products in the soil.
  • Keep moisture away from the home by sloping soil away from the home and installing drainage.
  • Make sure attic spaces are properly ventilated to reduce moisture.


Using Pre-construction Extermination Services

When you are preparing to build a new home, using preventative measures to keep termites from entering your home may save you thousands in home repairs in the future. If you are interested in termite preventative measures for your new home build, call the experts at Rocket Pest. Our specially trained technicians are experts in termite control and prevention. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-construction termite prevention services.



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Pre-Construction Termite Prevention in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

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