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Spider exterminator costs in South Carolina, North Carolina, & Georgia

Spider extermination costs can vary based on a variety of factors. The only person who can give you an accurate quote on the cost of spider extermination is a trustworthy exterminator like those at Rocket Pest. Many people may not consider using a professional service to get rid of spiders but it is important to keep them out of your home. Some spiders, like the black widow and brown recluse, have nasty bites that need to be treated quickly by a medical professional. Other spider bites might not be as severe but can lead to pain and swelling.

Factors That Impact Extermination Costs

It is hard to give an accurate quote on extermination costs without knowing each person’s specific needs and home. Things that can impact the cost of extermination are:

  • The type of treatment: There are a few ways to treat a spider infestation. The method needed to treat a specific infestation can impact the cost.
  • Size of infestation: The number of spiders you have in your home can impact the cost of extermination.
  • Size of the home: If you have a larger home and a big outdoor area, it will require more extensive treatment to make sure the exterminator fully eliminates your spider infestation
  • Preventative treatments vs treating an infestation: Some people choose to do routine preventative extermination. This can not only help keep spiders out but a variety of other pests out as well. Having routine treatments as opposed to calling an exterminator for a large infestation can keep costs down and keep pests out of your home.


Keeping Spiders Out of Your Home

Following these few easy steps, along with regular preventative pest treatments, will help keep spiders out of your home for good. Here are things you can do to keep spiders away:

  • Remove clutter that could be a potential hiding spot for spiders.
  • Seal all holes and cracks on the outside of your home.  This includes holes where wires enter and putting insect screens on all vents.
  • Spray a mixture of peppermint oil and water around your home. Peppermint oil will deter both spiders and other pests from entering.
  • Sweep or vacuum away any spiderwebs and egg sacs that you might find.


Calling an Exterminator

Most stores sell products that are supposed to get rid of or kill spiders. Many of these products are not able to target the reasons why you have an infestation and will only treat it on a surface level. If you believe you have a spider infestation or an infestation of any other pests, give the experts at Rocket Pest a call. We have over 65 years in the pest extermination business, meaning we know how to find, target, and get rid of spiders or any pest you may have in your home. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Spider exterminator costs in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

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