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Cl-100 Inspections in South Carolina, North Carolina, & Georgia

Buying or selling a home is often a long and emotional process for all parties involved, and existing property damage from termites or other pests can quickly scare potential buyers away. That’s where Rocket Pest comes in.

By forming strategic and lasting partnerships with realtors, Rocket Pest takes out the emotions and headaches that are a natural part of the home buying process, identifying and fixing problems quickly so that both buyers and sellers can begin the next stage of their lives as painlessly as possible.

If you’re a realtor in a pinch, we have the tools and experience necessary to help you solve any problem your home is experiencing.

The Best Inspection Services Available In The Upstate Of SC

In many ways, a realtor’s job never ends: while their basic role is to help people buy and sell real estate, they often have to juggle several tasks at once, including scheduling showings, coordinating property inspections and repairs, verifying insurance, keeping their clients up-to-date while negotiating counteroffers, and more.

Needless to say, realtors stay busy.  At Rocket Pest, our goal is to help them their jobs done as quickly and effectively as possible.  Luckily, whether you are the realtor, buyer or seller of a property, we offer the most comprehensive inspection program in the Upstate of South Carolina including Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson – ensuring you know exactly what you’re up against so that you can take the necessary steps to restore the property.

In many companies, home inspectors are salesmen, rewarded on commission for finding problems around the home or property. These “inspectors” don’t make money if they don’t find problems, so if you’re not careful, hiring an unreputable company could result in thousands of dollars spent repairing problems that have been reported but nevertheless may or may not actually exist within the home.

Rocket Pest Service Professionals are licensed and certified inspectors, not salesmen. Each of our Service Professionals has passed the state CL-100 exam and are only compensated for performing a thorough and accurate inspection, not on what they find. In other words, Rocket Pest Service Professionals are never motivated to find problems – but they’re more than equipped to deal with any obstacles they come across.Home inspections are a serious concern for anyone buying or selling a home. Don’t take a chance with just the minimum-required inspections and reports for wood-destroying organisms and other invasive pests; contact the certified and experienced team at Rocket Pest Services.

CL-100 Inspections

In the state of South Carolina CL-100 inspection is required by a lender in order to close on a house. While the inspection was primarily created to help identify any evidence wood damage or termite activity around the home, the process of performing a CL-100 inspection can also tip off homeowners to other problems like mold, fungi, or even other pest infestations.

If you’re a realtor in need of a CL-100 inspection, Rocket Pest is your one-stop-shop. Rocket Pest ensures that the CL-100 form is filled out by a state-trained Service Professional, never a salesperson. We offer special realtor pricing for CL-100 inspections and work around your schedule to find a time that works for you, making Rocket Pest a convenient and affordable choice for realtors in a pinch.

One of the ways Rocket sets itself apart is in reporting: time is of the essence, so after each inspection, detailed reports are delivered in a timely manner so that the homeowners can immediately start working toward solutions. Our reports are typed for legibility and include pictures and any other relevant evidence found to prove exactly what problems the home is – or isn’t – suffering from.

Our CL-100 inspection procedure and reporting is 100% transparent for all parties involved, and every problem we identify will be thoroughly documented to ensure the status of the property is never in doubt.

Cl-100 Inspections in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

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